Deciding to go to ghana

Visiting Ghana was truly one of the most impactful travel experiences I have ever had.

As a Black woman, I've always felt hyper-aware of my African roots but my connection to the Caribbean, through my U.S. Virgin Islands heritage, was always much stronger and much more real. Through my family, I was able to be immersed in island life nearly every summer until I moved out of New York City and settled in Los Angeles.

St. Croix was a very real and accessible place for me. Africa, on the other hand, felt so far removed. I could see, touch, taste, and experience the islands. Africa... not so much.

So when the opportunity to travel to Ghana arose with the University of the Virgin Islands Passport to the World program I didn't hesitate to sign up.

How to get to Ghana

Getting to Ghana was no easy task. This is definitely not the type of trip that you just enter into spontaneously. Traveling to Ghana takes a few weeks of planning ahead.


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